Saturday, February 27, 2010


We ate dinner at Parc last night. Amazing. We had been there before, but, gosh, it is just more delicious each time. We started with the mushroom soup. So amazing! I actually talked Liz into ordering it and sharing it with me because I knew if I ate that plus the amazing baguette and butter I would have a difficult time eating a main course, too.

It was divine. Seriously, nothing was bad or close to mediocre, even. And we finished with this marvelous Apple Tart for dessert:

(Sorry that it's a blackberry pic, but I always seem to forget my camera.) This dinner was also a tribute to Intuitive Eating (IE) for me. I semi-paced myself and checked in with how full I was throughout the meal. I also talked Liz into splitting the soup with me because I knew that I couldn't handle an entire soup plus bread plus entree. Speaking of the bread...yum! And it's served with the best butter. For dinner I had the duck confit, and there are no words to even describe how good it was. All was consumed with about 1.5 glasses of cabernet, which was also fab.

Now, I did feel pretty saturated with rich food by the end of the meal. Hence I was only able to eat a few forkfuls of dessert, but the walk back to our car (the long walk back to our car...we didn't want to pay for parking (plus we both like to walk)...) helped me digest a bit and I'm feeling pretty great this morning! I'm totally ready to tackle chores and other Saturday stuff.

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