Sunday, February 7, 2010

Okay With Less Than Pefect

Gah, I feel like it's been so long since I've written here that I almost should just stop writing. I do that. I start a project that's not connected to school/work in any way and then I stop it when I feel I'm not doing it perfectly because there's no one holding me accountable. I used to really get mad at myself for this, but I think now I realize that it's just a personality trait. So. I'm going to keep writing even though I don't feel this blog is perfect.

It snowed 28.5" here in Philadelphia! Today everyone is digging out from it. Yesterday I went on a glorious 5 mile walk (crazy, I know, but I love to walk and Liz is studying non stop for tests) in the snow. I meandered all the way from our apartment down to Rittenhouse Square and back. My original plan was to stop for tea at Barnes & Noble in Rittenhouse, but it was CLOSED! In fact, most things were closed. No Starbucks or any other coffee/tea places I passed were open! I ended up stopping right next to our apartment when I got back to get a Raspberry Rooibos tea. It was delish and definitely much yummier than B&N tea or Starbucks.

I'm headed to acupuncture in about an hour. Should be good! I haven't been in two weeks, and I had a kinda bad week last week so maybe that's why?? I don't know. I also went to Power Vinyassa again after a very bad day, and it did make me feel better!

My favorite picture from my walk:

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