Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Big, Fun Announcement

I've decided to do the Broad Street 10 miler in 2011. This marks me getting back into running. This is huge. I have effectively taken a 2+ year break from running in order to mentally disassociate running from a weight loss activity. As I begin running (and exercising regularly in general) again, I am constantly thinking about how the activity makes me feel strong. I'm taking care to fuel my body properly before and after exercise. And I feel good. My self esteem is actually even gradually getting better!

So, tonight I ran 2 miles after work! Haha, I have to laugh because it's just so funny after how much I used to run. Anyway, I took it nice and slow. The first half mile I ran at a 12 min pace. The second half mile a ran at a 10:34 pace. The next half mile I alternated between 10 and 9:40 pace and then for my final half mile I alternated between 9:34 and 8:34. I ran around 5:15. At 3 I ate a 200 calorie energy bar (which is about what I would eat for a normal afternoon snack) and then drank maybe a cup of sports drink. I did some basic, easy lifting after running to cool down and because it's fun.

Anyway, that run was actually pretty challenging for me! I'm excited to increase my endurance and super pumped to be challenging myself in this way again. :)

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